Roller service

Repair and maintenance of large CFRP, aluminum and steel rollers

We offer a roller service, comprehensive repair and recoating programme of CFRP, aluminum and steel rollers. Inspection and analysis are particularly important in this process, maintenance and recoating are the core tasks included in INOMETA's service program. We take care of all the repair works necessary to fully rework large rollers. INOMETA achieves short throughput times and cost assessment by standardizing repair stages and reserving processing capacity up-front.

Walzenservice bei INOMETA – defekte Papierwalze
Großwalze wird neu beschichtet

Roller service – an overview of the services we offer

Our roller service for large rollers includes the following services and maintenance tasks.

  • Maintenance and recoating of CFRP, aluminum or steel rollers
  • Servicing of single tube bowed spreader rollers (Bowmaster and X-BOW)
  • Inspection and condition checks to confirm our fixed service price
  • Removal of old coatings and recoating e.g. with rubber coverings of your choice or with PROTEK® high-performance surfaces
  • Laminate inspection and repair of CFRP rollers
  • Assembly and dismantling of add-on parts such as cable pulleys and rolling bearing housings
  • Journal repair or replacement
  • Dynamic balancing at 2-5 levels according to VDI 2060, ISO 1940
  • Extensive testing prior to delivery
  • Application-oriented coating advice
  • Predictable costs and delivery times thanks to standardized repair processes
  • Transport organization with with in-advance booking
Roller Service – INOMETA

Functional surfaces and recoating of large rollers

As part of our roller service, we rework existing functional surfaces or renovate them under consideration of customer´s requirements. We use for example thermal spraying and our own Composite Coating development as our coating technologies. Depending on what is needed, we use materials such as ceramics, metals, carbides or high-performance plastics in our strictly controlled processes. We can also offer other surface coatings such as customised rubber coverings. We therefore create coating solutions for individual requirements with the highest level of flexibility. Lasting anti-stick behaviour, electrical or thermal insulation and conductivity, traction or sliding properties as well as corrosion and wear resistance are all characteristics that optimize and safeguard your processes on a long-term basis, thereby noticeably reducing production costs.

Here you find out more about our most frequently-used coatings:

Specialist in roller services of guide and functional rollers

For more than 30 years, we have been investing in our extensive service programme for large rollers, in order to reduce the machinery downtime and make service intervals as easy to plan as possible. We are specialists in the overall renovation of CFRP, aluminum and steel guide and functional rollers, with the aim of extending the overall service life of these products.  Planned fixed prices and exact timings will allow you to precisely plan service jobs and service life to maintain cost-effectiveness.

Großwalzen Service bei INOMETA
CFK-Walze in der Überarbeitung

INOMETA – Your partner for large roller service

Our extensive machinery facilities allow us to carry out all necessary service work quickly and efficiently. Our competent employees have many years of experience and are familiar with the special requirements of the roller service. We are now in a position to work with rollers up to 15 m in length and with a diameter of up to 2 m. The maximum production weight is up to 20 tonnes, depending on the required service scope.

Plan a roller service of your CFRP, aluminum or steel rollers

Plan for in the long-term and make your maintenance appointment in advance for repairs and reworking of the roller products on your production line. Use our service enquiry form to allow us to assess costs and time required and to give us an overview of your requirements. You can ask questions about our INOMETA roller service at any time using our contact form.

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