WinCore winding cores

Application-specific winding cores for individual requirements

We operate in an eco-conscious and efficient manner – with both the environment and your company in mind

Our Wincore® winding cores with the Ecoline and Proline model ranges are calculated and designed in line with your application and requirements.

The prerequisite for an individual design is a detailed consultation and knowledge of your case of application with the prevalent loads. Use the technical data sheet as the basis for the consultation, in order to meet your requirements and create the optimum product for you.

WinCore® winding cores – Ecoline

Our high-quality aluminium winding cores maintain tight tolerances and offer flawless concentricity. This makes production an efficient process. If desired, the winding cores are provided hard anodised (420 HV or 550 HV) or in the case of special requirements with one of our PROTEK® coatings. We offer aluminium WinCore® winding cores in the standard diameters of 3, 6, 8 and 10 inches, depending on the application.

WinCore® winding cores – Proline

In addition to the features of Ecoline, WinCore® Proline impresses users with its tailor-made inserts on the tube core ends, for every clamping system – with a consistent inner diameter. We tailor the inserts to your requirements, manufacturing them from the appropriate material.

WinCore® winding cores in the production cycle

Aluminium winding cores offer the ideal solution for in-house or standardised, as well as recurring production processes. While cardboard cores can only be used a few times, the WinCore® aluminium winding core offers an optimum solution for forming a production cycle, in which tube cores can be used over 1000 times.

INOMETa life circle winding cores

WinCore® reduces investment costs in the winding process

In contrast to cardboard cores, aluminium winding cores are distinguished by their long service life and ensure that costs decrease in the long term. While the costs associated with using cardboard cores are demand based and continually increase, aluminium winding cores can be introduced into the working process time and time again and fed to the winding process. We are able to replace up to 500 cardboard cores with one single WinCore® winding core.

INOMETA Break even Winding cores

Ideal applications for aluminium winding cores

High speeds of production with uncompromising winding quality – characteristics which come into play with aluminium high-precision winding cores. Their versatility and long service lives open up vast fields of application, while decreasing investment and storage costs in the long term. Our winding cores are used in countless applications and fields of application.

They are particularly well suited to clean room applications, manufacturing and further processing special films, for example. Anywhere in which abrasion and dust (which accumulate when using cardboard cores) lead to production waste.


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Textile industry

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The advantages to you when using WinCore® aluminium winding cores

  • High strength and rigidity
  • High concentric accuracy
  • Specifically designed materials
  • High manufacturing quality
  • RFID technology
  • High reusability
  • Narrow bale possible on wide tube cores
  • Fewer tube core variants required in comparison with cardboard cores
  • No reduction in winding speed in initial or residual layer
  • Resistant to oil and lubricant
  • No swelling due to ambient humidity

Winding cores in battery production

High-precision winding cores are increasingly used in systems and production machines for battery production. Winding cores manufactured using aluminium or FRP materials, such as glass fibre or carbon fibre, form the ideal basis for the further processing of highly sensitive substrates, such as separator films. Their high level of purity, extreme dimensional stability and safety, combined with a high degree of wear resistance, are factors which are of paramount importance in battery production. In contrast to cardboard cores or laminated paper cores, aluminium or FRP winding cores ensure that highly sensitive substrates cannot be contaminated by abrasion or even destroyed. What’s more, thanks to our coating expertise, individual functional surfaces can be applied according to your requirements. Find out more about related product topics and solutions in the field of battery production.