Non-stick coating

Also known as: Non-stick coating, non-stick roller coating

PROTEK non-stick coating

Special polymers or fluoropolymer which are embedded into spray coatings made of metal, tungsten carbide or ceramics, form extremely wear-resistant functional surfaces. They are characterized by special, long-lasting anti-stick, transport or sliding properties.

PROTEK non-stick coatings are used, for example, on rollers for the manufacturing of hygiene and self-adhesive products, as well as in the film, paper and cardboard production, and in the printing industry.

The essential properties of PROTEK non-stick coatings:

  • Long-lasting anti-stick behavior
  • Excellent transport properties
  • Partially scratch and cut-resistance
  • Structure for the air exhaustion
  • Coating of CFRP, GRP, aluminum and steel

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