CFRP high-performance rollers

CFRP rollers with perfect dynamic properties

Continuously increasing machine speeds and material web widths are requirements which can hardly be met using conventional rollers made of steel and aluminum. The modern design material CFRP is therefore state-of-the-art in our company for rollers which must be able to meet even particularly high-end requirements. For this material, the rigidity-weight-ratio is many times higher than that of aluminum or steel. The critical speed of a rotating body can be increased, and its deflection as well as its mass moment of inertia can be reduced.

Highperformance CFRP Roller
Precision in perfection
Inometa CFRP Roller

CFRP web guide roller with an axis (type BA), with a stub shaft (type BB) or with a journal extension (type BC)

Low drag rollers made of CFRP are available in the same technical designs as our proven metal rollers, and additionally provide the advantages of the modern CFRP material.
CFRP rollers can be delivered with diameters between 30 mm and 1200 mm and even greater. Depending on the application, roller lengths of up to 13,000 mm are available.

Surface structure

  • Standard: cylindrical, polished
  • Alternative: application-oriented surface structures, for example, spiral grooved , grooved, concave, convex, structured

Surface coating

  • Standard: CFRP Roller with PROTEK Composite Coating
  • Alternative: application-oriented surface refinements, such as the PROTEK ceramic coating, PROTEK carbide or non-stick coating as well as elastomer coatings

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