• INOMETA – Anilox rollers in flexographic printing – product properties and their advantages in the printing process

INOMETA – Anilox rollers in flexographic printing – product properties and their advantages in the printing process

Our INOlox® programme is optimised for the field of application and includes anilox configurations that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Therefore, our INOlox® anilox rollers and anilox sleeves provide the ideal solution for flexographic printing.

Anilox rollers in daily use - this is important

In daily use, it is important that all processes in the machine run smoothly. The most important parameters are the following points:

  • Perfect ink transfer – We enable an ideal discharge behaviour and the optimal ink transfer.
  • Brilliant print quality – Outstanding brilliance and high print quality in flexographic printing.
  • Best handling – Lightweight materials enable the best handling during quick job changes.

Which product features create which advantage in the printing process?

The features of our product have various advantages that make your employees' daily work easier and deliver brilliant print quality.

Use of lightweight construction materials

  • Higher production speeds
  • Excellent handling
  • Lower energy costs
  • Flexible work process

Repeatable high product quality

  • Consistent standard
  • Consistent machine configuration

Optimised transfer and discharge behaviour owing to the INOcell® engraving technology

  • Few cleaning intervals required
  • Long service life periods
  • Higher colour density (elongated cell)
  • Cost savings

High wear protection thanks to INOcell® polishing standards

  • Minimised score line formation
  • Reduced doctor blade wear
  • Process reliability

High equipment variability

  • Extensive equipment options
  • Individually adaptable equipment possibilities
  • Application-oriented configurations

CFRP tube pre-configured according to printing length and working width (INOlox® MAX)

  • Consistent performance
  • Best printing results at high speeds
  • Low printing pressure required
  • Reduction of vibration-related streak formation (bouncing)

Very small manufacturing tolerances

  • High process reliability
  • High machine compatibility
  • Excellent sleeve characteristics
  • Precise entire system

Machine production

  • Excellent sleeve characteristics
  • Controllable and repeatable tolerances
  • Controllable delivery times
  • High repetitive accuracy

100% Made in Germany – from the idea to the complete product

  • German quality work
  • Extensive, long-term experience

Do you already know the new generation?

We have recently revised and further optimised our anilox rollers and anilox sleeves. The new developments include significant improvements to the steel, aluminium and CFRP anilox rollers with INOMETA's own INOcell® engraving method and the pneumatic and hydraulic clamping anilox sleeves.

Find out more about the specific features of the new developments here.

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