Plastic winding core

Perfect for the finishing - winding cores made of plastic

Problems such as dust, moisture and corrosion are a thing of the past with plastic winding cores from INOMETA.

Winding cores made of high quality technical plastic (PVC, partially PP) offer a number of relevant advantages when compared to simple cardboard cores. The plastic cores help protect the quality of the winding material, since they are extremely pressure-resistant, even with thin wall thicknesses. In addition, they are corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant. With their good mechanical properties, they enable a clean and dust-free production. This is greatly appreciated, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The plastic core is an extremely cost-efficient solution for the finishing area.

Plastic cores with different inner structures such as grooved (G) or polished (S) can be used in practically any clamping scenario. Due to their reusability, their use is particularly economical. And the recycling is also simple and straightforward.


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