LSC sandwich winding core

A winding core for use in logistics processes

The LSC Sandwich WinCore winding core offers premium properties in every aspect. It is lighter than a cardboard core, and also ensures a long service life. Additionally, it offers very comfortable handling properties. 

Superior Performance 

The requirements for winding core are ever-increasing. Unbalances, wear, shrinking, wrinkling and the vulnerability of winding cores for thermal and moisture-related fluctuations are just some of the problems for which the research and development department of INOMETA is trying to find solutions. The result is a design which is able to reliably meet these challenges. 

The highlights

  • Elastomer aluminum inserts at the ends of the winding cores enable a smart gripping using gripping heads, and provide a long service life
  • Steel inserts are also possible on request
  • Fiber composite technology and extremely lightweight core materials with a high pressure resistance ensure an exceptionally low weight
  • The aluminum precision tube forms a stable, proven surface
  • The RFID technology can be integrated optionally. It's the optimal solution for the deployment in all logistics processes

The advantages

  • Very high rigidity with extremely low net weight
  • Freely selectable external diameter with a constant inner diameter, which enables the utilization of existing so the existing gripping heads and expanding shafts
  • Perfect Gripping
  • Usable more than 1,000 times

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