Mounting sleeves

Also known as: Platemounting Sleeves, Cliché sleeves, Plate sleeve

INOflex mounting sleeve as a guaranteeing factor for dimensional stability and a high concentric accuracy

INOMETA mounting sleeve are a guaranteeing factor for dimensional stability, concentric accuracy and an optimal productivity. They can be combined with all commercially available pneumatic and hydraulic format adapter systems. INOMETA provides mounting sleeves which are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies. The sleeves are built-up on a base sleeve with perfect clamping properties, which will be maintained throughout the entire service life cycle. INOflex® mounting sleeves with a hard surface can facilitate repeatable superior print jobs in conjunction with top quality foam adhesive tapes. 

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INOflex® soft mounting sleeves with a compressible surface make printing even more economic, since the foam adhesive tape can be avoided. The constant compressibility across the entire width and service life means a significant progress in the standardization of the printing process.

Depending on the application area, we can supply mounting sleeve in electrically conductive and non-conductive designs. Electrically conductive mounting sleeves comply with ATEX 95. The sleeves are made of high-quality raw materials and machined with precision grinding techniques. This ensures the dimensional stability and a concentric accuracy with deviations of less than 20 μm. This will apply permanently, even for extremely high wall thicknesses as well as for temperature and humidity fluctuations and influences. The mounting sleeves are also very resistant to a broad range of solvents and cleaning agents that are used in print shops. Across the entire print width, the dimensional stability will ensure an outstanding and constant register accuracy. The surface of the mounting sleeves offer a high adhesive strength, when used with commonly available mounting tapes. And during the disassembly, the tapes can be completely moved without any residue.

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