INOflex GRP Anilox sleeves

Also known as: GFRP Anilox Sleeve, Anilox sleeves

INOflex GFRP anilox sleeves offer a 100% corrosion resistance together with an optimized rigidity

In addition to the conventional anilox sleeves, INOMETA also offers the weight-optimized INOflex® GFRP anilox sleeve, which is corrosion-resistant even beyond the outer edges. The INOflex® GFRP anilox sleeve is optimally designed for the requirements in the flexographic printing, and will work reliably with other INOflex® products from INOMETA, but it can also be used with printing unit components from other manufacturers, thus elevating the printing performance and quality to a completely new level.

INOMETA - GFK Rastersleeve - Beschichtung
INOMETA - GFRP anilox sleeve
INOMETA INOflex Anicam

At home in the flexographic printing field

Our entire INOflex® product range is designed for the specific requirements in the field of flexographic printing. Our INOflex® GFRP anilox sleeve enables us to utilize the optimal damping properties of GFRP to reduce or fully avoid the resonance effects and vibrations induced by the print image within the flexographic printing unit, as these can lead to a short-term print quality deterioration, and severe printing unit damages in the long-term. Its corrosion resistance enables the transfer of highly corrosive media.

Optimal handling

Fast printing job changes create a lot of movement in the production. The weight of flexible machine components which must be mounted during each job change will play an increasingly important role in your day-to-day business. The use of fiber composites such as GFRP enable the combination of a low product weight and an improved performance during the printing process. The optimized lightweight design of the INOflex® GFRP anilox sleeve provides a low weight, which in turn facilitates an easy transport and a fast handling for all formats.

The INOflex® engravings for anilox sleeves/rollers

Our INOflex® GFRP anilox sleeve is available with the following standard engravings

  • from 45 to 700 L/cm
  • hexagonal 60°
  • hachure 45°
  • channel engraving 30°
  • elongated 75°

Information about special engravings and customer-specific requirements will be provided upon request, and through our flexographic printing specialists. Submit request now

High degree of quality. Low maintenance costs

The INOflex® GFRP anilox sleeve is manufactured in the respected superior INOMETA quality. An excellent manufacturing quality in combination with corrosion-resistant glass-fiber components will ensure minimal downtimes during the running production process. The optimized stiffness ensures the stability, improves the ink application and reduces the wear of the doctor blade. Reliably functioning printing unit components ensure lower repair and downtime costs, and therefore facilitate an optimal machine productivity. The glass-fiber reinforced base core is 100% corrosion-resistant, so that even aggressive media is unable to influence the performance or the service life.

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