Anilox sleeves

Also known as: Aniloxsleeves, Sleeves Anilox

INOflex anilox sleeves for a superior performance in the flexographic printing

We can supply INOflex® anilox sleeves for all common flexographic printing presses and special applications. All of the criteria that apply to the manufacturing our anilox rollers, also apply for the anilox sleeves. 

Our range of services in the area of the INOflex® anilox sleeves includes:

  • Highest degree of concentric accuracy
  • Weight reduction for wide web machines
  • Suitable for use in central cylinder printing machine and unit presses
  • Also adaptable to fast-running processes (>800 m/min)
  • New manufacturing and refurbishment of anilox sleeves according to original specifications 

All sleeve base bodies which we coat, engrave and process into anilox sleeves consist of high-quality composite materials, and originate from the in-house development at INOMETA

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