Format adapter

Also known as: CFRP bridge adapter, carbon bridge adapter

The INOflex® CFRP adapter, CFRP printing cylinder and the CFRP core shaft form a perfectly coordinated system for use in flexographic printing. The low deflection of the components increases the quality of the print result, reduces the waste and offers a high degree of continuity for the ongoing operation. In addition, the use of these products reduces the labor-intensive retooling time between the print jobs on a machine, and therefore increases the profitability of the print processes.

The CFRP printing cylinder can be equipped with a broad range of INOflex® CFRP adapters in different formats. The low weight of the adapter enables an easy handling and significantly reduces the set-up times. Since the clamping system is operated hydraulically or pneumatically, the sleeve insertion and removal for the adapter, as well as the channeling of the compressed air to the printing sleeve can be performed very easily.
The CFRP base core is characterized by an excellent stiffness, which guarantees high speeds and a superior print quality. The firm clamping provides the lowest possible number of contact points of the adapter and expanding shaft. Through the use of modern processes, the damping system of the CFRP laminate can be optimized customer-specifically.

The properties of the INOflex® hydraulic adapter at a glance:

  • Weight reduction by up to 80%
  • Reduction of the moment of inertia by up to 80%
  • Bending stiffness increased by up to 25%
  • Doubling of the critical speed
  • Adjustable damping, up to a 20-fold higher damping factor then steel
  • Optimized printed image quality
  • Higher printing speed

The properties of the INOflex® pneumatic carbon bridge adapter at a glance:

  • Almost 'hard' connection to the cylinder
  • Integrated seal for an exceptional installation property
  • Rigid CFRP tube for an excellent print quality and speed
  • Integrated damping system for the reduction of vibrations
  • Low weight for a simplified handling
INOflex pneum. cfrp adapter

INOflex® - sleeve adapter

INOflex® - sleeve adapters represent an easy-to-use, economic equipment for flexographic printing units. They have a hard surface, and serve to bridge large distances between different print sizes.

The adapters offer the highest degree of dimensional stability throughout many years of operation, and the associated design of the mounting sleeves. Electrically conductive pneumatic adapters comply with the ATEX 95.

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