Innovative printing unit components for over 35 years

For more than 35 years we have been developing and producing rotating components for digital, flexographic, gravure and offset printing. With innovations such as the pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter for flexographic printing, we are an important development partner for the entire printing industry. Our customers include the printing industry as well as leading international printing machine manufacturers, whose products we equip with high-performance components made of aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

INOMETA – System supplier in flexographic printing

In the flexographic printing sector, we are regarded as a system supplier for rotating printing unit components. We develop and manufacture components such as INOlox® anilox rollers or INOlox® anilox sleeves, hydraulic cfrp bridge adapters (INObridge® CH) and pneumatically clamping CFRP adapters (INObridge® CP) as well as INOshaft CFRP shafts. As a system supplier for flexographic printing, we offer overall solutions and also supply web-guiding rollers, sensor rollers and winding cores as well as printing accessories.

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Flexographic Printing INOMETA


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