Winding core light

WinCore Light is the powerful light weight

The requirements are increasing. Processes are speeding up, and must transition to each other seamlessly. Why don't you take advantage of the highly dynamic features of the WinCore® Light winding core. 

With WinCore® Light, it is possible to reach far beyond the commonly anticipated thresholds. Our tailor-made solutions are able to fulfill even extreme requirements regarding carrying loads and dynamics. Furthermore, the low net weight of the WinCore® Light and the use of existing clamping systems are among the most important advantages. In addition to the best possible performance, you will be rewarded with highly productive and profitable processes.

The advantages

  • High winding speeds of 300-1,500 m/min and more
  • Carrying loads up to 5,000 kg and more
  • An optimal dynamic behavior
  • High rigidity
  • No alteration of the clamping system
  • Barcode labeling / RFID technology

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