RFID winding core

RFID winding cores for automated and integrated logistic processes

Inometa offers the world's first reusable winding core made of metal, with an integrated RFID tag. This will beneficially support automated and integrated logistic processes. The outstanding advantages of the WinCore® system are its high rigidity and low wear. When these properties are combined with the RFID technology, the user will be provided with tremendous cost advantages along the entire value chain. We have developed an integrated solution with the RFID winding cores for high-end production and logistics processes.


With the RFID tag, the material flow can be organized continuously, securely and in real time. The unloading and loading times during the goods receipt and dispatch can thus be significantly reduced, because the inbound and outbound acquisition of goods is performed automatically in a failsafe and faultless manner.

The contact-free, automatic identification of the winding material also enables the integration of effective systems for the error-prevention in all processes. This makes it possible, for example, to automatically synchronize the material with the delivery note during the loading. This is a preventive measure against logistical failures such as incorrect loading.

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