Aluminum winding core

Aluminum winding cores offer very tight tolerances and a high concentric accuracy.

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Precision work

INOMETA designs customized winding cores, which are precisely tailored and manufactured to suit every set of requirements profile and application situation. Two factors are essential for an accurate production and on-time delivery: an intensive consultation and the technical data sheet which contains all important information that should be considered during the planning.

The standard

The high-quality Inometa aluminum winding cores with their very low tolerances and the high degree of concentric accuracy, are the basis for an efficient manufacturing. The tube cores have a stiffness of 70,000 MPa. Optionally, they can be hard anodized (420 HV or 550 HV) or coated with a plasma-polymerized anti-adhesive coating. Aluminum WinCore® winding cores are available in 3", 6", 8" and 10" standard diameters. We generally calculate the dimensions based on the special application scenario according to the finite element method.

The Standard Plus

WinCore® Standard Plus winding cores offer- customized inserts for every chuck system at the core ends and a consistent inner diameter. According to your requirements, we manufacture inserts made of different kinds of materials, e. g. for a core dimension of (o.d. x i.d.) 172 mm x 152.8 mm.

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