Heater rollers

The innovative INOMETA heating roller has been designed with the needs and requirements for coating and laminating films and other substrates in mind. We ensure a reliably constant and uniform surface temperature distribution, as this is the prerequisite for even material web tempering.

A fast start-up curve of the heating power and precise temperature distribution control on the roller surface are what makes the electric heating roller stand out from competing products. The maximum lasting operating temperature is 160°C.

Owing to their electrical mode of operation, the heating rollers do not need any liquid media, the power and signals are transmitted via a flange-mounted slip ring contact. Heat losses outside the roller through the pipe system are thus now a thing of the past.

Heating roller 2.0 – Considerably increased performance and efficiency without liquid media

In contrast to conventional heating rollers, which are generally heated by liquid media, the operating costs with the INOMETA heating roller can be considerably reduced in some instances with the following advantages:

  • Very good energy efficiency/overall efficiency (no heat losses in reservoirs, pipes or pumps)
  • Very low space requirements (reservoirs, pipes and pumps are not required)
  • Minimal investment required (reservoirs, pipes and pumps are not required)
  • Extremely low service expenditure, as it is not necessary to maintain rotary feed-throughs, pipes, reservoirs and pumps (reduction in components requiring maintenance)
  • No or significantly reduced service downtimes
  • High level of economic efficiency, thanks to good energy efficiency and durability
  • Easy to install, thanks to minimal space requirements
  • Local generation of process heat, exactly where it is needed
  • No leaks, which contaminate the surroundings or substrate
  • Eco-friendly recycling by eliminating oil-based heating media
  • Ecological, as no waste oil load
  • Great options for integration into the machine control by means of fieldbus and therefore options to document and influence the process variables

Heating rollers – for manufacturers of batteries, in the laminating, coating or stretching process

Moreover, INOMETA heating rollers offer an extremely compact machinery concept, as reservoirs, pipes and pump stations for media are no longer required. The heating roller can be operated on a decentralised basis via a control unit or integrated into the machine control by means of fieldbus and therefore enables external temperature monitoring.

Materials: steel, aluminium

  • Temperature range: up to 160°C
  • Surfaces: surface geometries, surface coatings (carbide, anti-stick, elastic casings in various degrees of hardness) can be implemented based on customer requirements
  • Areas of application: battery cell production, fuel cell production, calender, lamination processes, coating processes, stretching processes
  • Design: roller with fixed journal extension
  • Dimensions: individual / dimensions on request

Electrical heater rollers – enquiry form

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