Guide rollers

Lightweight design guide roller X-Guide

The properties of X-GUIDE provide the foundation for all INOMETA lightweight design CFRP rollers, and offer numerous advantages compared to steel:

  • A high running smoothness, and thus a high bearing life and lower maintenance costs.
  • High thermal stability and thus no deformations in the vicinity of heat sources.
  • A very low mass moment of inertia, which enables X-GUIDE to run, accelerate and brake faster even with small embracing angles without drive.
  • Smaller diameters are possible while enabling higher speeds without vibrations at the same time.
  • Low weight with an easy handling for the assembly.
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant roller body.

X-TREME guide roller

X-TREME is a guide roller with all the X-GUIDE properties which is designed specifically for use in dryer sections or for installation near steam blow boxes. The roller is equipped with a resin system and coating for the hot, vapor-damp operation up to a temperature of 120°C.

X-Guide - Guide roller
Paper manufacturing - Inometa guide roller
X-TREME - Inometa guide roll

X-GUIDE PLUS premium roller

X-GUIDE PLUS is X-GUIDE but with further component property improvements which are made possible through a finite element based optimization. It particularly demonstrates its advantages when installed in sensitive positions as with measuring guide rollers, rotary cutters, very low embracing angles or a sensitive paper web.

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