INOwell – Your partner for composite solutions in the oil & gas industry

We are a partner of the international oil & gas industry and offer customized glass fiber and carbon fiber composite solutions as well as hybrid products in conjunction with metals for your applications. Given the great challenges the oil & gas industry is currently facing, process optimisation, efficiency improvement and a lowering of operating costs are more important than ever. We have extensive experience in the development, prototype manufacturing and series production of composite components for offshore and onshore applications. We offer you solutions for when conventional materials such as aluminium and steel begin hitting the boundaries of physics and technical feasibility.

Our services for your non-metal application in the oil & gas industry

The INOwell range of services comprises the entire product cycle. From consultation (material selection, manufacturability, economic efficiency) to part and process design, right up to the production of prototypes and the subsequent series production. The entire product development cycle is managed by composite specialists who apply their cross-sector experience. Their excellent material knowledge is built on years of research and development work through projects in several industrial applications.

The advantages of composites for the oil & gas industry

In the oil & gas industry, material properties such as chemical resistance and temperature resistance are crucial. For example, the sulphur dioxide content of the pumped medium fluctuates depending on region, which sometimes leads to different corrosion protection requirements. This is why very high-quality and thus expensive metal alloys (e.g. Hastelloy) are currently being used in for some applications. Non-metallic composite materials, which are inherently corrosion-resistant, can also significantly help in reducing costs.

For other applications, the lightweight potential or the excellent weight-specific characteristics of glass fiber and carbon fiber composites are key. For some downhole operation tools, further unique selling points of non-metallic composite solutions matter in addition to these general benefits. Owing to an increase in production by means of multilateral drilling, the good drillability and the advantageous friction properties of composites also play an important role in downhole operations. Users can thus shorten unproductive down times and increase efficiency.

To implement these material-specific benefits for your application in the best possible way, INOwell uses scalable production technologies for composite-based components. INOwell has unique expertise with these technologies which has been developed through decades of experience with the design and manufacture of composite products. This experience includes not only the production of thermoset and thermoplastic components using filament winding or laser-assisted tape winding, but also their machining afterwards. This machining includes drilling, sanding and milling but also joining with metallic connections or coating. We always rely on high manufacturing and product standards. Our manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technologies are certified and subject to standardized quality management.

Thermoplastic composites

Thermoplastics Composites
  • Thin-walled components
  • Automation
  • Brought material portfolio

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Thermoset composites

Duroplastic Composites
  • Components up to 12 m in length
  • Numerous winding machines
  • Hybrid components

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Coating technology

INOwell coating technology
  • Corrosion protection
  • Functionalization
  • Coating of metals and composites

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