Ceramic coating

Also known as: Ceramic roller coating, Thermal ceramic coating

PROTEK Ceramic coating

The ceramic coatings made of titanium, aluminum and chromium oxide are resistant against wear from sliding and rubbing abrasion. They also offer a wear protection for the guiding of films, fibers, paper and cardboard. Defined surface structures ensure the transport and the air exhaustion.

Good sliding properties are achieved through coatings which have been ground. Hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties can be attained depending on the respective processing stage.

The essential properties of PROTEK ceramic coatings:

  • Resistant against wear from rubbing and sliding abrasion
  • Long-lasting traction or glide properties
  • Low surface energy
  • Good color-receptivity
  • High degree of hardness, up to 1300 Hv 0.3 possible
  • Electrical or thermal insulation and conductivity in combination layers
  • Coating onto CFRP, GRP, aluminum and steel

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