• INOMETA at the ICEC 2021 in Orlando, FL

INOMETA at the ICEC 2021 in Orlando, FL

We are delighted to be able to meet you face to face again and invite you today to our upcoming live event, ICEC 2021 in Orlando, FL.

Come and visit our booth and discover our lightweight design solutions for the film, coating and converting industry for yourself. Meet our lightweight design experts and let them talk you through the key developments and new products in the field of lightweight components and functional surfaces for the production and further processing of film products.

  • 19th - 21st October, 2021
  • Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL.
  • Booth 834

INOMETA in the coating and converting industry

The finishing and processing of paper, tissue, cardboard, film or their derivatives has become a highly dynamic and complex industry sector, whose production processes can consist of a multitude of sometimes highly complex production stages. Efficiently and reliably operating machines are a basic requirement for the economic efficiency of these processes. Read more about our solutions in coating and converting industry

INOMETA in film production

We encounter plastic and film products everywhere in our daily life. Whether it's a simple plastic bag at the grocery shop, the transparent wrapping film for your sandwich, or even the highly complex technical film in your LCD screen. Today, highly individualised films are used in a vast range of domestic and industrial applications... read more about our solutions in film production

PROTEK® functional surfaces

PROTEK® coatings increase quality in a sustainable manner and in doing so create significant production advantages. They are specifically tailored to rotationally symmetrical components such as rollers or adapters, which are used in the production of film, paper, cardboard or textiles. Read more about PROTEK® functional surfaces.

Book an appointment now with our experts

Get an appointment with our experts in your diary today and meet us face to face at ICEC 2021. Do you have time to talk to us at the trade fair? Absolutely, we will continue to be available in a digital manner and show you the exciting products in our showroom. Find out more here.

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