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INOMETA is one of the globally leading technology companies in the field of high-end lightweight carbon fiber composite materials as well as aluminum.

Work in a place, where motivation and performance are perfectly aligned - our aim is to create an environment where our employees feel comfortable, and where they are challenged as well as supported in their development according to their capabilities. We therefore place a key emphasis on an open corporate culture, and the supporting of the personal potential development of each individual. Because we know: Motivation is the key to the success of the company. We would be more than happy to welcome you as a contributing factor to this success, and therefore encourage you to apply for one of our open positions.

INOMETA as a family-friendly company

AVANCO GmbH - familienfreundliches Unternehmen

As an employer, it is important for us to promote a healthy balance between the family and work life of our employees. For this reason, we focused on this issue to a greater degree in the last few years, and have demonstrated our family-friendliness through various measures. In addition to flexible work time models and a flextime model for the administration with a short core working time, this also includes the payment of bonuses for childbirths and wedding, and an unbureaucratic regulation regarding parental leave and part-time parental work times. In 2017 Inometa GmbH was honored for the first time by the chamber of commerce as a family-friendly company.

The INOMETA health management

The health of our employees is highly important to us.

In order to support our employees here, INOMETA offers a comprehensive health management. This includes measures such as flu vaccinations, high-quality ergonomics consulting, and support for people to stop smoking. Additionally, we also implemented the business bike concept, and offer a cooperation with a local fitness studio. In 2017 we were able to realize a health day for the first time with the “healthy back” as a main topic, which received a very high degree of popularity.

Since our employees contribute to the success of the company everyday, it is a very important concern for us that all employees feel comfortable at the workplace and perform their work with motivation in the company.

The team spirit

The writer Jean de la Fontaine (*08.07.1621) said that it was a law of nature to help one another.

We see it as our duty to facilitate and support the teamwork spirit. As an employer, we offer a broad range of activities that promote the community feeling. In addition to the annual Christmas celebration, we also organize a very popular summer festival. We also participate in local fun runs as a team, and support our soccer team. Furthermore, we also advocate work groups in order to achieve the best results for our corporate group. Good ideas and creative approaches are often based on a common information exchange. Because no individual is able to achieve what a team can. In order to ensure that young people at INOMETA already adopt this fundamental concept as early as possible, trainers and trainees regularly participate in joint activities.

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