40 Years INOMETA

Unique. The INOMETA DNA.

Biological DNA is the basis of life on planet Earth – every living organism has it. DNA is important because it contains all of the genetic information that makes us who we are. This information helps our development and survival, and can also be passed on to the next generation. It also influences our characteristics, from our appearance to our favourite foods and everything in between. Companies also have DNA – something that makes them unique and sets them apart from other companies. But what is this INOMETA DNA that has made us successful for 40 years? The first thing to point out is that we are a family-run company, and the second generation of that family is now managing and supporting it with huge commitment. This is also the source of the constant drive for quality, innovation and improvement that distinguishes us from other companies. However, the successful implementation of these attributes is only possible because our employees have internalised the INOMETA DNA and put it into practice every day. Our combination of years of experience, excellent training and outstanding technical expertise, but also the spirit of cooperation amongst colleagues, are key to our lasting success.

It is good, and important, to take stock from time to time and to reflect on the things that have made us strong in the past. But it is also essential to move with the times and to recognise the opportunities in the present that we can use to build a successful future. These include the revolutionary opportunities and challenges that digitalisation now offers in the economy and society. As a medium-sized industrial company, it isn’t easy to meet the additional investment needs that digitalisation requires. Ultimately, it means maintaining and modernising our existing machinery while also investing in new technologies, such as our thermoplastic winding system. “Strengthening our core and developing new areas for growth” is what is stated in our Strategy 2025. Doing that while also surviving the digital transformation and using it to our advantage is the challenge we will face in the years ahead. The success of our ideas and our work will, however, only be possible in the future if the customer is at the centre of everything we do. That has been a key part of our DNA ever since the company was founded. Close ties with global market leaders in mechanical engineering and with many interesting manufacturing companies around the world have shaped INOMETA and put it in a special position. We are a brand and a partner that is respected for its products and reliability. That is a great position to be in, but will also require commitment in the future. A commitment and motivation to continue our high standards, excellent quality and innovative strength. The prerequisites are good, because that is in our DNA.

Christof Schotten & Cedric Tappe
Christof Schotten & Cedric Tappe

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