New Dimensions. A new business field for lightweight design visionaries

The concept of lightweight design has long meant more than just a saving of mass. Clever component design and the use of high-performance fiber composites result in a shift in technological boundaries and satisfy the ever-growing demand for energy and resource efficiency throughout the product life cycle.

The laser-assisted tape winding which is used to produce thermoplastic composites has enabled us to recently enhance our value chain with a method of manufacture which makes a decisive contribution to resolving some problems posed by lightweight design. The high level of manufacturing precision, the use of modern, sustainable material systems and comprehensive process automation allow us to produce high-performance composites for industrial and oil & gas applications as well as for aviation and automotive applications, among others.

Today we are one of the world’s first contract manufacturers using laser-assisted tape-winding technology, enabling us to achieve new dimensions in the development and manufacture of high-precision composite products. It has always been progressive technologies in which first we trusted and on which you then relied. Because the result is innovative products that signify progress and give you a valuable technological lead over your competitors.

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