From semi-finished product supplier to assembly partner aluminum products

There is loud buzzing and beeping when the huge high-bay racking in INOMETA’s production hall suddenly starts operating. The transport carriage begins to move and pulls one of the 1,800 cassettes out of the high-bay warehouse. Over 600 tonnes are stored permanently in the approx. 30 metre high, 100 metre long aluminium warehouse that is stocked and packed fully automatically every day. INOMETA has traded in aluminium products for almost 40 years, and today can look back on an impressive sales volume of 10,000 tonnes of aluminium several times over.

INOMETA Tubes and Profiles
Jörg Wenzel

Its portfolio once covered pipes and profiles only, now its production range extends to precision parts for the automotive industry, including engines and other key components. Time never stands still, as demonstrated by the digital transformation in the division that has existed since the company was first established. Today, customers can order roller tubes, webbed and profile tubes, cylinder tubes and other aluminium products on INOMETA’s own online shop at any time of day, 365 days a year, at their ease and convenience. A milestone in development, as Jörg Wenzel – sales manager in the Tubes and Profiles Division who received orders by telex when he joined INOMETA more than 20 years ago – well knows. Every minute that can be saved counts in this time-driven and price-driven sector. We achieve this by deploying rapid processes and first-rate employees who push themselves to their limits every day to ensure prompt delivery – and have been doing so for 40 years.

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