40 Years INOMETA

From black material and vision.

Lightweight design. Innovation. Vision. Making the impossible possible. That is part of our DNA and our own unique dynamics. We have been committed to using one of the world’s most fascinating materials for over 35 years. And for good reason. The use of fiber-reinforced plastics opens up previously unimaginable possibilities for industry. In times when established companies are facing increasing competition from emerging markets, there is a growing need for differentiation. Despite increasing cost pressure, or precisely because of it, the development of high-end solutions has become essential in order to keep setting yourself apart from the competition.


When we talk about black material, we are primarily referring to carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The use of CFRP as a material in the production of components like rollers, sleeves or adapters enables outstanding intelligent solutions to be developed that could not be achieved using conventional materials. As a pioneer in the industrial use of fiber-reinforced plastics, we are now experts and technology leaders in the development and production of technical roller products made from CFRP in lengths of up to 15 metres. Its high degree of flexibility and diverse fields of application enable us to create outstanding customised roller solutions for countless application areas. Perhaps you now understand a little better why we have worked with our black material for so long. For us, there is nothing more exciting than CFRP.

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