Roller tubes

Also known as: Aluminum roller tubes, Tubes rollers

High-tech roller tubes for efficient processes

Our high-tech roller tubes are able to convince through their low tolerances, high concentric accuracy and the just-in-time delivery. The advantage for our customers: An efficient production through optimized production processes.

INOMETA roller tubes can be made manufactured using aluminum, CFRP or steel. Our roller tubes are always delivered with fixed measures and therefore precisely correspond to the intended application.

Roller Tubes Aluminum Standard

High-tech aluminum roller tubes made by Inometa offer low tolerances and high concentric accuracy. For the customer this means: an efficient production with optimized production processes and reduced work effort.

We provide all of our roller tubes with fixed measures which precisely correspond to the application. We have aluminum products with diameters from 20 to 1,000 mm and wall thicknesses from 1.5 to 30 mm in stock, available for immediate delivery.

Roller Tubes Aluminum Top

With regard to concentric accuracy, eccentricity and tolerances, the quality of our TOP aluminum roller tube surpasses the common DIN standards. The TOP tubes are first cut to dimension, and then individually machined to customer specifications. The high quality of TOP tubes offer a significant advantage: because unlike standard tubes, TOP roller tubes made by INOMETA only need to be lathed and ground once. In addition, adjusting and pre-balancing are not required. A fine-balancing is only required to a small extent.

Roller Tubes Aluminum Top Plus

The INOMETA roller tube aluminum TOP plus reduces your production costs and allows you to focus on your core business.

Our aluminum TOP plus roller tube is based on the high-quality TOP roller tube. Based on the individual customer's drawing, the TOP plus tube is straightened, machined inside, lathed, smoothed and beveled. Grinding and anodizing can be performed as required, and finally the delivery will be performed in a ready-to-install condition. Of course, the tube will be manufactured according to defined specifications regarding concentric accuracy and straightness.

With aluminum TOP plus, our customers don't just benefit from a superior product quality and short delivery times: Through the use of the INOMETA core competence areas of production and processing, you'll be able to intelligently optimize your own value-creation processes.

Dimensions and availability

We maintain an extensive range of products with various dimensions in stock, for example, aluminum products with diameters from 20 to 1,000 mm and wall thicknesses from 1.5 to 30 mm. Our computer-controlled high-bay warehouse with 1.800 bays enables us to quickly respond to special demands at any given time.

CFK Roller Tubes from Inometa
CFK Filament Winding
Stainless Steel Roller Tubes

Roller tubes made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)

CFRP tubes are especially designed for wide web widths and for high machine speeds. They have a lower ratio of weight to modulus of elasticity, giving them a higher natural frequency. The reduced weight doesn't just enable a reduction of the drive energy. It also leads to a low mass inertia and thus improved tracking properties.

Roller Tubes Steel Standard

For the production of INOMETA roller tubes made of steel, the metal is first rolled to a defined thickness. Then, the metal is shaped as a tube, welded, heat-treated and then drawn. For this, we are able to achieve a very homogeneous structure with defined strength properties and a high level of concentricity. The even wall thicknesses ensure compliance with very tight tolerances while at the same time providing optimum rotation characteristics.

Roller Tubes Steel Top

Before the delivery, the INOMETA TOP roller tube made of steel is straightened. In combination with the excellent product quality, this means that many further processing steps can be omitted. This saves valuable time and also increases the efficiency of your processes.

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