Cylinder tubes

Also known as: Aluminum cylinder tubes, Pneumatic tubes, Pneumatic cylinders, Extrusion profiles

Fast delivery times for cylinder tubes

Cylinder tubes for the production of control and working cylinders are used in pneumatic and low-pressure hydraulic systems. We use aluminum and stainless steel materials to manufacture these tubes.

Dimensions and measures

Depending on the deployment location, we are able to produce cylinder tubes with nominal widths from 12 to 400 mm, narrow inner diameter tolerances (H 11) and a low surface roughness depth of Ra 0.6. We produce individually dimension products according to our customer's drawing.

Optimal batch sizes in stock

We maintain a stock of optimal batch sizes in our on-call storage facility. Complete packaging units of standard dimensions can be shipped to you within 24 hours upon request.

Aluminum cylinder tubes

More than 500 tons of aluminum cylinder tubes are available directly from our warehouse in various dimensions. We can also supply other dimensions than our standard dimensions on short term.

Complete packaging units of standard dimensions which are in stock, can be shipped to you within 24 hours.

Aluminium Cylinder Tubes
CPT-Plus Cylinder Tube
Steel Cylinder Tube

Cylinder tubes made of stainless steel

Low surface roughness depth on the inner surfaces as well as narrow inner diameter tolerances (H11) are the essential quality characteristics of the stainless steel cylinder tubes made by INOMETA. Applications can, for example, be found in the food industry or wherever aggressive substances are handled. The cylinder tubes on stock which can be shipped on short notice, are available in dimensions ranging from a nominal width of 8 mm up to 63 mm.

Pneumatic profiles made of aluminum

We are able to offer you MM profiles, compact profiles and short stroke profiles, as pneumatic profiles made of aluminum.

We cut to fixed lengths, burr-free, with narrow tolerances, mill to length with a high degree of plane parallelism and end machine according to your drawing.

CPT Plus cylinder tubes

The high-quality CPT plus cylinder tubes are precisely aligned for the individual applications, and supplied in a ready-to-install quality. They are sawed burr-free precisely according to the drawing, with very low tolerances, milled to length with a high degree of plane parallelism and with an end machining.

Capacities for the core business

All ready-to-install INOMETA cylinder tubes are shipped from our factory just-in-time and in optimized lot sizes. This can reduce the storage costs, simplify the storage planning, and help you to free up capacities to concentrate on core business issues.

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